Life of a COOL Kat

Hey BOOOO!!!! My name is Kaytrina. I live in south Flo-Rida LOL. I speak my mind. Im blunt NO Bull. im Haitian...yes yes i am. I Love LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!: Rihanna, Chris Brown, Graham, Kendrick Lamar (YES!!! he is my father) The Weeknd, Adventure Time, Teen Titans, The Regular Show, Frank Ocean, Mindless Behavior-
get me anything relatedd to this and i will marry you so serious
"Hate is easy, love takes courage." -unknown

iOS 8


If you don’t have enough space to update to iOS8, then just plug your device into your computer and update it from there!

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iOS 8:Remember all those special wedding, birthday, and vacations pictures you had on your phone?
iOS 8:lol


do u have some of those friends where u cant even remember how u became friends u just suddenly were friends

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when the moon hits ur eye like a big pizza pie


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Black male doctors nothing more dangerous than educated black men

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